Diets are exhausting. How about looking at your
weight/health from a different perspective?

Learn a Lifetime of Healthy Habits

Why Is Reading Food Labels Critical To Eating Healthy?  

How do Lifestyle Factors (sleep, stress, exercise, etc) affect your health?

What Foods Do You Buy Actually Harm You? 

Diet = short term. Diet = non sustainable. Jump off the diet merry-go-around. Learn A Lifetime of Healthy Habits with your personal coach, Janet

"Diets"are designed to be short term. Weight loss challenges can be fun, but what do you do after the challenge?
Calorie counting is time consuming and cumbersome. 

Losing Weight Can be Simple and Effective!

A Lifetime of Healthy Habits Success Plan

Healthy Diet


What are your needs? Gluten free, vegetarian, overweight, Paleo, diabetic, sugar obsession,

portion control... ?

Preparing Eggplant


Do you know what foods to eat?  No more diets and food in small containers!  A small lifestyle shift is all it takes to make a

HUGE difference!

Festival Crowd


Do you want to lose weight?

 Are you dealing with chronic health issues?

You can reach that goal!

Here for YOU!


6 out of 10 people have stomach issues. Chronic illness is at an all-time high. Obesity and autoimmune disease are rampant!

That is my "WHY". I understand that being on stomach medication is not fun. Food can be a poison or a medicine. What do you need to switch out, and what can be added in?


Healthy is easy, if you know how!

Losing weight can be done without 100 burpees a day, running marathons, or eating 4 lettuce leaves for a meal.


As a certified Functional Medicine coach, I help you identify what foods help you meet your specific health goals. 


Stop guessing what foods are holding you back. Together we create a sustainable plan so you can develop healthy eating habits to live your best life, forever.


You can get control of your health, with expert help! 

Janet Neustedter

Functional Medicine Health Coach

Super Health Food
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"The only person YOU are destined to become is the person YOU decide to be." 

- Ralph Waldo Emerson

It’s rare to feel you have someone “on your side” during trying health issues.  Family members may be too close to help you be objective.  Janet’s gentle, nonjudgmental way is teamed with knowledgeability and experience. 


I must say that the benefits of having a coach has far exceeded my expectations. I had no idea how much I would learn about myself through this process.


The recipes incorporate healthy food choices and portion control, which had been a big problem for me,  and I don’t feel deprived!  Janet also introduced me to coconut yogurt  to replace the high sugar, high fat yogurt that I thought could not be replaced!   Bottom line, I lost 8 pounds in two months and am happily continuing on with the program.