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Healthy Habits


Learn The Healthy Habits Secrets

High Priced Diet Programs Leave Out!

The Healthy Habits Success System Will Help You Get Healthy and STAY HEALTHY!! Even if you have autoimmune disease or have tried many diets.

Who Is The Healthy Habits Kickstart For?

The Healthy Habits Kickstart is designed for health seekers who...

  • Want a sustainable strategy to lose weight and keep it off forever.

  • Struggle with autoimmune disease and don't know what to eat!

  • Are tired of diets that never work and are ready to SEE RESULTS!

Virtual Cooking Classes

Work with me 1 on 1 in the comfort of your own kitchen, virtually. Learn simple, delicious cooking techniques that you can take with you for the rest of your life. This is a terrific option for people with food allergies or have certain foods you don't know how to cook! This is also for people who want to learn recipes and navigate the kitchen better.

Small Group Coaching

Here we will meet in groups of up to 5 people, virtually. We will discuss wins & losses, and support each other. This option is great if you would like to bounce ideas off people who share similar goals as you! This is also great if you want to have a support group, recipe share group, and make new friends!

1 on 1 Coaching

Work with me directly for a fully customized one on one Healthy Habits overhaul. We will set ALL of your health goals and work together to make sure you meet them! This is your program if you want privacy, advocacy, and personal strategies. You will have an advocate, cheerleader and positive coach who has only you in mind.

How Can A Health Coach Help You?

Hello! I am Janet Neustedter, your Health Coach!  My life has been about eating healthy foods, and inventing recipes, and helping others to find that Healthy Is Easy. I am a restaurant trained chef, and a certified Functional Medicine Health Coach.

People in our nation are sick!


Maybe you have various health symptoms but can't get to the root cause. You may not even know if you have an autoimmune disease! Food can be medicine and food can be poison.

Have you tried diets and then feel discouraged when the weight crawls back on?


Healthy should be EASY. I know it can be.

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Diets Don't Work.

 healthy habits do.

  • Long-Term Weight Loss

  • Increase Energy

  • Slow Aging

  • Improve Mood

  • Reverse Inflammation

  • Heal Pain

Diet changes can also minimize - and in some cases reverse the effects from different diseases like autoimmune disease, etc.


How long have you been feeling unhealthy, or feeling like you need a change?

It's time to take action and feel better forever!

YOU are the best investment you can make.

Let me ask you this...

How much have you spent on diet programs, products, and medications

that haven't really solved the problem...just masked it?

MASTER Your Health.

No more excuses...

Your health is the most important thing you have.

Everything you need to start living your healthiest life is a click away.

This program fills up FAST! Spaces are limited.

This special offer is backed by a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

 Claim your spot before the availability is gone.


Don't Take My Word For It...

Here's What Happy Graduates Are Saying!

Conrad says...

I've had the pleasure of working with Janet for about 10 months, so far. She has been completely supportive of my personal goals and helped me to be accountable for things that I've said I've wanted to accomplish. She always helps me to find a way to make eating healthy work for me! Her coaching and advice has been extremely helpful towards improving my health!  Google Review

Katie says...

"I must say that the benefits of having a coach is far exceeding my expectations. I had no idea how much I would learn about myself through this process."  Facebook Review

Ruth says...
She was not just a coach; she was an accountability partner! Last year my goal was to eat healthier and figure out how to navigate better foods! She helped me achieve my goal! Due to the choices I make now, I am much happier and pain free!
R. Whaley Facebook Review

Get Started Today!

Choose The Plan That's Best For You!

1 on 1 Virtual Cooking Classes

Value: Over $400.00

Right Now ONLY $148! (63% savings!)

Cook comfortably in your own kitchen with me guiding you virtually via video call. Meet once a week for four weeks for an hour each time. Includes:

  • Initial consultation and health assessment

  • Shopping lists and recipe guides

  • Meal prep strategies for every meal for each meal prepared

  • Simple & advanced cooking techniques 

  • Healthy Habits tracking guide

  • Unlimited support through text and email

  • The foundation of your healthy future!


Small Group Coaching

Value: $2,900

Right Now ONLY $397! (87% savings!)

Meet with Janet virtually for an intimate group setting of up to 5 people. Meetings are twice per month for three months, two hours each time.



  • Initial consultation and health assessment for everyone in the group

  • Shopping lists and recipe guides for all 

  • Meal prep strategies

  • Adjust dietary menus to support health needs

  • Pinpoint the habits that hold your health back

  • Create sustainable habits that improve health, vitality, & energy

  • Healthy Habits tracking guide

  • Unlimited support through text and email

  • Learn all the habits to stay healthy for the rest of your life!


1 On 1 Coaching

Value: $2,000

Right Now ONLY $597! (70% savings!)!

Meet with Janet personally, virtually via video call. Meet twice per month for three months total for one hour each time. Includes:

  • Initial consultation and health assessment

  • Shopping lists and recipe guides 

  • Meal prep strategies for every meal of every day

  • Simple & advanced cooking techniques to improve health

  • Adjust dietary menu to support health needs

  • Find the "no-no" ingredients that harm your health

  • Add proper ingredients to food that create long-term health

  • Pinpoint the habits that hold your health back

  • Create sustainable habits that improve health, vitality, & energy

  • Healthy Habits tracking guide and direct accountability 

  • Unlimited support through text and email

  • The full Healthy Habits Coaching Program will transform your life forever!

There are so many great options I Can't Decide!
 I Need to Talk to Janet!