Amazing, Flavorful Puttanesca Sauce

This sauce is usually served in restaurants under a protein, like a hearty white fish. It is simple, requires just a few ingredients, and can put together in minutes!  Put the sauce in a large frying pan, and heat it on medium low. Add the fish or chicken to the dish and let it simmer and cook until done. I prefer fish with this sauce. It is also great for dunking bread into!

Chocolate Power Muffin Gluten-Free

I was inspired by a recipe I saw on Instagram and decided to have a go with my own concoction of ingredients! The avocado was my idea, and we have an olive oil store here in Tucson with the best flavors of olive oil! The blood orange flavor in it is so great. If you have non flavored olive oil, I would zest and orange and add fresh squeezed orange juice in (about a tablespoon). You cannot beat chocolate-orange flavor combination. 

This recipe is Keto friendly with all the good ingredients here you can't go wrong!

Best Brussels Sprouts Ever

Brussels sprouts can divide a room! People love them or move them quickly past! I found a recipe many many years ago that is tried and true, and never fails! We eat Brussels sprouts all year long, and I have converted many people with this recipe!

Poached Chicken Breasts

Chicken breasts are simple to poach, and great for "Meal Prep Sunday" (at my house)!

They can be used during the week in many  different directions.

I store mine in a plastic bag.

Homemade Lasagna

Who doesn't love lasagna!  I love the flavors!  If you are making it for spaghetti, say early in the week, then later in the week you can then make lasagna and get two meals out of the sauce!

It can also easily be made in an Instapot (the sauce).


I saw Emeril Lagasse make this on his show years and years ago. Me being me, I was inspired! I added the addition of the different peppers and the beer, as well as the spices. It is a great meal for a crowd, for a wintery day, and chalked full of flavors. The longer it sits the better it becomes. The prep time takes awhile to chop veggies, but you can do it all in the morning, go about your life, come back in the evening, add shrimp and eat!


Grapefruit, Cucumber & Avocado Cabbage Salad

In Tucson there is a woman that owns a large property with many citrus trees of many varieties. She rents out her expansive home to host events, and I went there to meet with her and see her home. It was quite fun, and I enjoyed talking with her. When I left she plucked a grapefruit off her tree and handed it to me! It inspired me to make this salad.

Barley-beer Mash Cookies

A friend of mine and his son-in-law make beer. Knowing that I am a baker, he asked me if I could use some barley-mash to make something.  

These cookies came from that recipe.

They are really good!

Parmesan Corn Muffins

I was asked to host a cook n learn dinner for a friend. She had been intrigued with my gluten-free cooking. We designed a menu for her friends and part of that was this recipe. The fun thing was that I found a recipe similar to it in Cooking Light 2012. This is an adaptation of that.

Gluten-free Chocolate Chip Cookies

I am a baker by love and worked in a bakery for three years. I also love a chocolate chip cookie! Nothing better, right? I developed this recipe as a test with the cauliflower baking mix that I found, not expecting it to work, but it did and does!  My husband and I thoroughly loved them, and hope you do as well!

Stir-Fry Beef and Shrimp

I wanted to make beef broccoli - I had purchased a NY steak, my current favorite :) and wanted to do something than the customary grill. I looked up a recipe for beef and broccoli but it sounded boring, and in my never-ending quest to "eat the rainbow" I came up with this recipe.  

It has a couple of steps, but can be done! It is a great weeknight meal if you do your shopping ahead of time!

Simple Costco Ravioli's

When I cooked these 15? years ago, the "pasta cooking way" of dumping them in a pot of salted water, they seem to fall apart and cook really fast. I created this method of cooking them kind of similar to cooking pot stickers, where you steam and then fry. So just put a little water in a fry pan, enough to cook but not drown the raviolis. Stand there and turn them, and let the water evaporate, being careful that the gluten that is released does not end up making them stick to the bottom of the frying pan. Add some olive, coconut or avocado oil and toss to coat. Remove and plate! They are tasty right out of the pan with some Parmigiano-Reggiano, fresh basil and olive oil! Be as creative or simple as you like with the topping.

Pizza Dough or bread dough Gluten-Free

I have been playing with gluten-free bread recipes for awhile. I love a good, yeasty, crusty baked bread and miss that!

I like this loaf, it is easy and comes together well, it still isn't my absolute favorite like you get out of a bread store!

Air Fryer Salmon Cakes

I cook salmon every week! I normally will cook some batch cooking to have available for lunch or dinner. With leftover salmon, salmon cakes is the best next thing to do. They can be assembled in minutes and with an Air Fryer cook in ten minutes! If you do not have an Air Fryer, cook in ghee or grass-fed butter mixed with olive oil, 2 T each. 

Spring Salad with Pasta & Lemon Dressing

In a Fine Cooking Magazine, I believe it was, maybe 20 years ago (!) they had a recipe with pasta and salad. This is my rendition.

Go gluten free with a GF pasta.

Add anything you like to the salad, the list is endless: olives, beets, fennel, radishes, asparagus, orange slices...

Alfredo Sauce Make Over

I learned how to make a white sauce 30 years ago in fundamental class of cooking. My kids were raised on it, it is simple to make, rich and delicious! This recipe I made up to revamp it to not have milk or white flour. It is a gluten free recipe.

When my daughter was about 5 she was at my friends house playing with her girls. The mom made pasta with butter and parmesan, an easy way to make it for kids. My daughter innocently asked for a white sauce, please! My friend laughed and said only my daughter would ask that!

Mediterranean Breakfast

I was inspired to make this because of the influence of the flavors. I love the combination of the tomatoes and the cumin, etc. It makes for a different breakfast! Serve it with some vegetables for dinner (or breakfast for that matter)! Also top with avocado!

Frittata with Roasted Vegetables and Goat Cheese

Cooking a frittata is simple, and is faster than a quiche, and does not have a bottom crust to mess with!  You can really use any vegetables you like, there are many variations. You can warm up some grass-fed butter in a pan, add cauliflower florets and mushrooms, saute until soft, add chopped mixed greens and some roasted red bell peppers. Put in the egg mixture. Any combination of whatever you have in the fridge works! 

Blondies Gluten-free

Deserts are something I don't have very often, but when I do... when the craving comes, that is when my creativity comes out. How can I make that with less sugar? Less fat? Gluten-free? This recipe was born out of my curiosity of baking. Enjoy

Apple Carrot Muffins

I like to bake muffins, and always want the healthy angle. I like to feel less guilty about making them! This recipe stemmed from that endeavor, making them gluten free, and the carrot and the apple make great partners! These have a fall feeling but, of course, can be baked any time of year!

Dairy Free Keto Friendly Ranch Dressing

Ranch Dressing was never one of my favorites, too “dairy-ish”, fattening, and I never cared for the flavor. Here is my version of ranch, dairy free, Keto friendly.

Vegetarian Meatballs

I got an Air Fryer Christmas of 2019 and became obsessed with what I can cook in it! I made up this recipe as I had some leftover wild rice, and thought it would be good for a base for vegetarian-balls. They turned out great in the Air Fryer!  I added the Gluten-free mix as I thought the zucchini and mushrooms would be too moist upon cooking. The texture and taste was perfect!

Jazzed Up Quinoa

This is a very basic start for quinoa or any rice. Play with vegetables that you like for the base. You can also add nuts such as pinenuts, walnuts or pumpkin seeds, called pepitas. You can have it as a base with fried eggs on top or blackened salmon. You can add meat to it to make it a whole dish. An easy thing to do is add rotisserie chicken.

Roasted Pork Loin

This recipe is from a Bon Appetit or Gourmet magazine from the 1990's. I had rewritten it and put it on a 3X5 card, and am not sure where it originated. It is spectacular. Take the time to do it, have people you love come over to enjoy!
It has a few steps and is so worth the work!

Serve it with some scalloped potatoes and steamed green beans!

Lemon-Herb Marinade for Chicken

I worked in a restaurant in Albuquerque for about 3 years. We prepped a chicken similar to this every day for salads, etc. I added the addition of the mustard, wine and soy sauce. I also do not like throwing out the marinade! You have all these wonderful flavors hanging out and then toss them? No! Put them in a saucepan and make a sauce!

Jerk Chicken Sauce

This is a simple chicken recipe, good for any time of year.  There is so much flavor going on with the sauce! It is best to make ahead and let the flavors marinade together.

Impress your guests by making this. The sauce is so flavorful and really delicious!

Organic Plum Tart

Fruit + cobbler. That is something I never pass! I found this recipe on line and re-tweaked it to be gluten free.  It can be made with any fruit of choice.

Photo by Food Photographer | Jennifer Pallian on Unsplash

Amaranth Protein Shake

My oldest son's wife is from Mexico. She introduced him to the wonders of Amaranth. She explained to me the uses of amaranth in Mexico, and how to use it in a shake. That inspired me, as I have a protein shake every morning. This is my adaptation of a shake incorporating that ingredient, and using good fats and flavor.

Gluten-free Almond Butter Cookies

Cookies!  I love them! Bring me cake... maybe I will get excited... Bring me cookies and I do flips! This is another attempt for me to make them with gluten-free flours. They were sooooo goood!  Hope you love them!

Fruit Cobbler Recipe

Fruit cobblers are one of my favorite things in the summer. I make them with all of the different fruits available at the time: peaches, blueberries, blackberries, plums. You name it! I made the recipe up for the cobbler years ago, incorporating the balsamic to enhance the flavor depth and helps to reduce the added sugar. The technique is called macerating, when the juices of the fruit + the balsamic draw the juices out. It is absolutely a game changer of flavor! 

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