Chocolate Power Muffin Gluten-Free


1 avocado

1/3 cup plus 2 T blood orange olive oil (Alfonso Olive Oil)

1 pasture raised egg

1 c almond flour

½ c gluten free oats

¼ c collagen

¼ c protein powder (vegan with no sugars)

3 T good quality cocoa powder

1 t cinnamon1/4 c pure cane sugar

1 T baking powder, aluminum free

¼ c full fat coconut milk

Cocoa nibs

Muffin tins


In a blender put the avocado, olive oil and egg. Blend to mix together, set aside.

In a small bowl put all other ingredients up to coconut milk. With a whisk blend dry ingredients together.  Add the avocado mixture and just incorporate (do not overmix). Add the coconut milk and mix together.

Put paper liners in muffin tins, and with an ice cream scoop to 2/3 full with mix.


Sprinkle nibs on top


Bake for 15 minutes, check at 12 minutes. Skewer inserted should come out clean.

Recipe Story

I was inspired by a recipe I saw on Instagram and decided to have a go with my own concoction of ingredients! The avocado was my idea, and we have an olive oil store here in Tucson with the best flavors of olive oil! The blood orange flavor in it is so great. If you have non flavored olive oil, I would zest and orange and add fresh squeezed orange juice in (about a tablespoon). You cannot beat chocolate-orange flavor combination. 

This recipe is Keto friendly with all the good ingredients here you can't go wrong!