Simple Costco Ravioli's


1 pack of Costco Ravioli

Sauce of Choice: check in description


Put water in the bottom of the pan to maybe ¼ inch of water and add 2T sea salt. They do not need to be covered in water. Bring to a boil and add the raviolis in one layer. Cook them stirring and flip them after about a minute. Cook the water off, and as the pan is almost dry add olive oil and sauté carefully to not break the raviolis apart. Saute with the olive oil to coat and get a little crust on the pasta.


Take out of pan and put on plate.






Sliced tomatoes, tomatoes, garlic, olive oil and parsley mixed together in a bowl and placed on top

Chopped fresh parsley, olive oil, capers, 2 anchovey filets and red pepper flakes mixed together

Grated fresh Parmesan

Steamed cauliflower florets cut in small pieces

Green beans


Let your imagination take you away!

Recipe Story

When I cooked these 15? years ago, the "pasta cooking way" of dumping them in a pot of salted water, they seem to fall apart and cook really fast. I created this method of cooking them kind of similar to cooking pot stickers, where you steam and then fry. So just put a little water in a fry pan, enough to cook but not drown the raviolis. Stand there and turn them, and let the water evaporate, being careful that the gluten that is released does not end up making them stick to the bottom of the frying pan. Add some olive, coconut or avocado oil and toss to coat. Remove and plate! They are tasty right out of the pan with some Parmigiano-Reggiano, fresh basil and olive oil! Be as creative or simple as you like with the topping.